Fear Builds Walls

Fear Builds Walls is a collection of songs that I released via Bandcamp that I had composed over the past few years. Truthfully I am not too sure how I feel about these songs as I composed them with a different approach as to how I now write music.

However, before I abandon this approach I decided that it might be worthwhile sharing these songs with people to see what they think. There is a fair amount of meaning behind each song and as the album is free (yes, completely free) to download I thought it might be worthwhile.

Here are some reviews of the album from friends: -

"Fear Builds Walls is a slightly misleading title for the collection which is bright, optimistic and upbeat for the most part. Even in its more introspective moments there is a strong sense of melodic confidence and a lightness of touch. Opener 'Teknicolour' is a slinky, sequenced, slice of electronica that could easily hold its own on the dancefloor. 'Read Between the Lines' has a swagger in its step too but layers this with a slightly darker feel. 'Jake's Tower' comes on like Michael Nyman as remixed by Moby. It is disingenuous to resort to comparisons with other artists because all of Coloured Lines' compositions have their own distinctive sound and feel. The influences are there alright: Nyman, Steve Reich, Zero7, Keith Jarrett, but they appear on the sidelines, all nodding their approval."

- Damien O'Keeffe

You can find the full review here - http://bit.ly/hacbaK

"Coloured Lines is the brain child of the composer, academic and bass player Adam Greenhead. Adam’s self description of the project is that it’s ‘a classical/minimal movement’. The album itself is a lushous mix of music that seems to come from all angles of music. From the ambient trance of ‘Read Between the lines’ to the almost jazz trio tune of ‘Jakes Tower’, the beautiful soothing piano of ‘For May Pt.1′ or the showcase of mixing and producing skills of ‘Dance your dance and fall behind’, it’s very doubtful that this album will disappoint you."

- Rhys Anslow

You can read the full review here - http://bit.ly/907FSl

"I loaded the album onto my MP3 player and pressed play. After being eased in with a great intro track you are treated with catchy melodies and punchy bass-lines. Tracks of note are the title track and Read Between The Lines. I particularity like the way Adam has arranged the layers on each track to build upon relatively simple elements and melodies to build songs that paint a picture and deliver a story. The album reminds me of the Chemical Brother's classic Come With Us which has the same electronica-funk feeling. Summing up, Fear Builds Walls is an at times hypnotic journey lead by a musician who knows how to use his tools to deliver a capturing punchline."
- Marky Guitar

You can read the full interview/review here - http://bit.ly/hVhiIP

If you would like to review 'Fear Builds Walls' you are more than welcome to download the album and write a few words.