Independent Artists

I am a big believer in supporting independent artists and their music. Unfortunately some people do not see being a musician as a "proper job", for want of a better phrase, and do not see why we should get the credit that I feel we deserve.

This also come at a time where Thom Yorke has told aspiring musicians to avoid the "sinking ship" of major record labels -

More to the point I wanted to share some of the amazing artists and their work that I've come across since using Bandcamp.

Matt Stevens:-

Matt's second album "Ghost" was released late May 2010 and I haven't stopped listening to it since. Matt uses looping to create a rich texture of sounds to bring his pieces together; he's a true master at this. Matt's debut album "Echo" is also available via Bandcamp too.

Tasmin Archer:-

I met Tasmin at a house concert in Leeds and got talking to Tasmin's co-writer John and herself without knowing who they were. It was only when I got home that I realised who Tasmin was, needless to say I feel a bit embarrassed now.
Tasmin's album "ON" is a true master piece that she very kindly let me download for free as a gift (I still intend to go back and buy a CD). From the first track "Take Care" I was blown away at how awesome her voice is. The harmonies on "Take Care" are cleverly put together throughout the song with the grooving bassline and John's guitar and keys mix matching between one another.

Lowercase Noises:-

Marshall is the second album by Lowercase Noises (aka Andy Othling) and is dedicated to his son, Marshall. Andy is keen to play his guitar as slow as possible, this brings out the colour that his guitar has to offer the listener as his music drifts through space and time. A beautiful collection of songs that I would highly recommend - more relaxing than anything else I've heard.

The Ethan Aether Experience:-

The debut EP from the elusive artist known as 'Ethan Aether.' He invites you to listen to tales of time travel, lost loves, cyborg warfare, and many more interesting subjects . . .

The Hard Drive:-

The Hard Drive is the first release from Wolfgang Merx and everyone's first thoughts will be - Kraftwerk! I know mine was. However, The Hard Drive is something a little more than that. There is a dark groove element to the experimental/electronica approach that will engage the listener and spit you out at the end of the record.


Chute released their debut self titled EP via Bandcamp on the 30th June 2010. The three track EP is a rock sensation that is a cross between Pearl Jam and Nickelback. Well worth checking out our friends from across the pond :)


MinionTV are an independent five-piece instrumental band based in Liverpool who came onto the music scene in early 2009. They are heavily influenced by post rock, ambient as well as electronic music.

Guitarists Stephen Johnston and Justin Bailey set up the band. They were joined by Barry Fearns on keyboards, Sion Keir on bass, then finally in January 2009 by Simon Monkhouse on drums.
Their first album which is out on April 1, 2010, is produced entirely by the band

Steve Lawson:-

I first met Steve when he was a guest lecture at my university and was told about his awesome approach to music. After seeing him play I knew that I also wanted to be able to play similar things with my bass. I went to see Steve at a house gig in Leeds and bought his album Grace and Gratitude. Steve brings together looping with rich soundscapes that make the listener go wow, I never knew a bass could do that.

All this amazing music has inspired me to carry on with my music efforts and given me inspiration to realise that although the road is tough, music can be brought to people that would otherwise be unreachable.

Most of these artists have also given their music a "name your price" option so if you can't afford to buy it just yet you can download for free and return to give them a little something when you can afford it.